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Victoria University.

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Innovators-in-Residence, Startup Stimulator, Innovation Fund Management, Capability Building, Transformation.

Victoria University is a unique university in Australia’s educational landscape. As the university of Opportunity & Success, this world-class institution focuses its efforts on creating exceptional value for any student from any background and uplifting the communities in which it operates. In 2016, Victoria University embarked on a major transformation driven by three strategic pillars: build an open and excellent university; pursue a transformational agenda; and ensure financial stability. At the start of 2016 Victoria University engaged Roshambo to facilitate the transformation.


Educational institutions all around the world are struggling for relevance. The widespread availability of knowledge and information calls the value of traditional qualifications in question. In addition, constantly shifting funding models and widespread budget cuts put further strain on the institutions. 

Universities in the 21st century have to innovate with educational and business models, and provide exceptional value at blistering speeds to remain relevant and sustainable.

Victoria University Needed:
To go through a major transformation preparing the university for success in the 21st Century.
Our Strategy:
Engage Innovators-in-Residence to work with the university’s leadership on an ongoing basis to facilitate the transformation.

Victoria University Needed:
To innovate with educational and business models to ensure relevance and sustainability.
Our Strategy:
Establish innovation fund and department, VU Innovations, which stimulates, funds and supports innovation from within the university and beyond.

Victoria University Needed:
To build entrepreneurial capabilities among students & staff.
Our Strategy:
Establish a startup stimulator, VU Hanger (co-working space), with initiatives such as Startup School, Pop-up Incubator 10/10, and The Entrepreneurial Mindset minor.


  1. VU Hanger: startup stimulator with a wide variety of initiatives reaching 5,000+ students and staff members across multiple locations.

  2. VU Innovations: innovation fund critical in establishing sportstech centre of excellence and in implementing major educational and business innovations such as the block model.

  3. The Entrepreneurial Mindset: industry designed and developed curriculum built at record speed, currently being delivered across local and international campuses.

Preparing universities for the future of education.


“Huge amazing quote about the work roshambo did for Victoria University”

- Peter Dawkins, Vice Chancellor