The Everyday Hustle


The hustle doesn't stop when you leave the office.

If you really want to hustle, then you need to keep your eyes open all the time to ensure you can save every penny to reinvest into yourself when you have that great idea…. and news flash, it's not going to be the first idea you have. But how Jordan? I hear you say. Well, this is up to you, I've got formulas I'm constantly repeating…. this is normal; risk divided by gain = decision.

For example, I work in a city, and in this city they fucking charge for me to stop my car and park (don't get me started). For me, I need my car regularly throughout the day so I can’t put it into a long-term car park which would be cheaper. I'm in the city 7 days a week and it will cost $2.5 per hour adding up to $25 per day. So here's some everyday math they won't teach you in business school.

25 x 7 = 175 per week
175 x 52 weeks = 9100 per year in parking

HOWEVER, if I do not buy a ticket the fine is $40.

40 divided by 9100 = 227.5 tickets I would need to get in 1 year to add up to the cost of just buying the tickets. From this, I can see that I need to be really unlucky and get a parking ticket 227 times in a year to break even. I like the odds that I will not get that many tickets. Therefore, I do not buy the tickets.

Sure I'm ripping off the system, but sometimes you gotta hustle.

For the record, this year had been my heaviest fine year and I only got 60 tickets totalling = $2400… Giving me a saving of 6700 JUST IN PARKING! 


DISCLAIMER: Just a perspective, of course we do not recommend you break the law J