Marketing Small


Marketing is such a huge part of being successful in business. But marketing doesn't end with a Facebook post or that print campaign - the real effective marketer lives and breathes his or her product.

Here are some tips that I've been thinking about recently to help people starting out.

  • You are your best marketer. You don't need to hire a PR firm to tell people your story. You are the best person to share your story, so do it.

  • Passion is contagious, people can hear it in your voice and want to share the journey.

  • Choose a plan to market and stick to it. If you want everyone to know about the new shop and its concept, then only speak about that… It's hard, there will be thousands of things you want to share but choose the right place and time. At the start you want people to easily know what you are about and can join the story and grow with you. Remember even Facebook only started with one (rather distasteful) feature. Don't complicate the message.

  • Make it simple, market the message then repeat with the next message once the first has been achieved (or failed, it doesn't matter)

  • Be resourceful.

  • Make some noise. Throw a party, it doesn't need to cost the world but putting your customers and fans in a room shows that you care about them and in turn, they will care about you. It can be as simple as a few drinks on a Friday afternoon in the store, or a meet up at a local bar, it doesn't need to be crazy or expensive.

  • It's also a great way to thank your team, so have social occasions with your staff often, it builds trust and a family vibe.


  • Word of mouth is the original social media. keep people happy and it'll return in money. It's not hard to be polite, especially if you're in retail.

  • Customer service is still marketing, make sure you give customers the best possible experience and they will become marketers for you. It has worked for hundreds of years - and it is super simple

So, overall be nice, talk the talk, and build your tribe.