Tools for Action

Understanding yourself and others is only the start.

You will not go anywhere without understanding how to mobilise yourself and others into taking action. Yehudi Menuhin said about music that “Music creates order out of chaos: for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous.”.

A quote that describes innovation as well as it does music. For us taking action is like playing the symphony of business.

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Chaos to Order

Balancing the tightrope between chaos and order is what makes innovation work. Swaying too far one way or the other might inhibit or disrupt innovation.

The two polar opposites are equally important to the innovation process. At the start of the innovation process, involving ideation and exploration, chaos needs to be embraced. As solutions become real, mature and need to be implemented in BAU structures and processes, chaos needs to make place for order.

This shift in focus and ways of working requires the right people to be involved at specific moments in the process, at the chaotic start you want flexible, open-minded people that handle change well, while further down the process you want structure-driven individuals to take over implementation.

Use this tool when...

You need to come up with and implement a new solution. Make sure to provide the freedom for disorder at the beginning of the process, and create order as the solution proves its value and gets integrated into BAU.

The Innovation Portfolio

Hop-Step-Jump, innovation is like child’s play once you get it. This helpful lens helps you analyse what you currently do, and plan the portfolio you need to survive and thrive. It all starts with BAU (business as usual), the processes and structures you need to keep the wheels turning.

A hop describes the smallest movement towards doing things in new and better ways; basic process improvement. The step takes things one step further.

A step will look at what is on the horizon and starting to show potential and explore what this might mean to the business. For instance, an experiment to test how core processes will function on blockchain.

The jump is the most daring. What does our industry look like when technology has turned us into cyborgs and we live on Mars?

A healthy and balanced portfolio looks different for each organisation and is shaped by internal and external pressure, and how flexible and open to change the people are.


This tool is as relevant to your organisation as it is to your teams and you as an individual. Use it to analyse and plan a healthy portfolio of activities.

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Breaking it Down

It all starts with thinking big. What is the biggest, most positive outcome of a challenge you face? Thinking this through should inspire you but at the same time it is scary, how would you achieve such a lofty goal and where to even start!?

This overwhelming phase generates avoidance behaviours. You break out of this by Thinking Down, reducing complexity and scale. You know you have simplified things enough when you know what you can do this afternoon to make the first step towards achieving your lofty goal. And then it’s time for Acting Up! By learning through action you add complexity and scale through execution. You might not end up where you thought you would, but you will end up where you should.


Move from too much, too big and later to less, smaller and now. If you can't get started this afternoon, it is too big.