Thought from the Road #007: Explementation


Join Gus for another thought from the road, this series comes to you straight from the airport lounges, hotels and AirBnB’s around the world.

Counterintuitive as it may seem, it’s arguably more important to have an explementation* plan than an implementation plan. In other words, make sure you have clarity in how you will remove and change a process, system, software or else as fast as possible. We put too much effort and focus on how quickly we can put something in place and we forget that getting rid of it is what will give you the adaptability and agility you need.

So, for example, if someone is trying to sell you software and produces a super fast and cheap plan to put things in place, ask also for the plan that shows how easy is to remove it. The harder it is to remove something the higher the probability you will fall behind and be unable to keep up with the pace of markets...

Stay as nimble and agile as you can, protect your flexibility, it’s arguably one of the most important traits you can have to succeed in the future.

*explementation: new word :-) - the opposite to implementation - removing what you previously put in place.