Thought from the Road #006: Key Performance Indicators


Join Gus for another thought from the road, this series comes to you straight from the airport lounges, hotels and AirBnB’s around the world.

KPIs kill common sense. KPIs are like an antidote, the perfect way to disarm the sense we struggle with the most.

I was asked recently how to KPI innovation and this is what I said:

Innovation is action, action applied to unsolved problems to resolve them.

ANY KPI that helps any team (from legal to reception to product) measure the process of solving problems is a way of measuring I said I am not a massive fan of KPIs as they tend to stand in the way of common sense. KPIs are also generally too static for the pace of change we are experiencing, the only way to make any KPI relevant is to review them daily!

That’s a massive if you have them, few and regularly updated please ;-)