Thought from the Road #008: Experience


Join Gus for another thought from the road, this series comes to you straight from the airport lounges, hotels and AirBnB’s around the world.

What makes the difference is not how much knowledge you have acquired but how quickly you can acquire new knowledge.

Sure your accumulated knowledge from your experiences are hugely important. But in today’s regular and rapid changing markets it’s unlikely experiences you have had in the past are enough, you must acquire new knowledge, fast and at an ever increasing pace. You must match it with your past knowledge and experiences, and you must make regular adjustments.

What worked may not work again, what was may not be again, what you believed may not be true no more.

So updated experience or experience that is augmented with current knowledge is useful, static experience is often deadly. Which makes me wonder.... how awesome would it be to know your rate of knowledge acquisition? At what speed do you acquire new knowledge? Have you tapped out? Meaning you are acquiring as much knowledge and as fast as it’s physically possible for you? Have you stopped or slowed down? Do you let it happen to you or you drive it? Do you exercise this skill? Are you getting faster and better? There should be a number huh? A unit we use....”I acquire knowledge at the rate of 1gb per hr my goal is 5gb”