We can teach things show you things make you things

Roshambo is a creative studio for curious minds, dedicated to creating the future for forward thinking humans. We work with organisations on building the next big idea. Or we develop confident innovators within your company or community…. it’s up to you.
— Welcome to the Studio


We Inspire

From study tours to roadshows to global conferences the Roshambo team will shake the cage just enough to get you thinking and spreads the right message in your community.

We Design

We get it, not every situation can fit into a "box". Thats why we started the studio. For this, we pull up our sleeves and get right to it. We work with you to design, shape and unlock the opportunities of the future.

We Create

We create adaptable, confident humans that are not afraid to take a chance and innovate through adaptable and innovative solutions. We give them the tools from our Innovation Toolkit to ensure the same growth of an idea.

We Deliver

We can come to you, or meet you on a mountain top. Wear your hat or ours. Roshambo is ready to rumble to ensure the right step comes next. Especially if you're on that mountain.

Our Clients_


We are in it for the long haul with our customers. We have learnt what gigs to say yes to, and when to politely decline because the work is just not the right fit for us. We are true partners. We roll up our sleeves side by side with you, we are there for the hugs and high fives and when you need to hear you shouldn’t leave the house in those jeans – we will let you know because we care.


Meet our Directors_


It all started with a Dutchman, an Argentinian, an Australian and a Kiwi. That’s us – the Roshambo gang. We started tackling some big gritty “innovation” (Gah – such a cliché buzz word now days) challenges together with a few clients across the University, Insurance and Finance sectors while in the evenings (literally) working with Startup and Small Business communities. We bring curiosity, adaptability and experience from launching, growing, leading, restructuring and selling businesses.