Beyond Leaders


The Beyond Leadership Accelerator is an immersive, practical, jargon-free leadership experience designed by Roshambo Studios.


Beyond has been designed to shift leaders into that extra gear, enabling them to build a culture of high performance, learn how to innovate and understand themselves better. The breakthrough wisdom leaders gain supports your organisation to take that step beyond. Beyond the way things are done today and into what is possible tomorrow. 


Beyond is a face-to-face learning experience consisting of three chapters:


Self: Taking control of our lives starts with finding the answers to questions like, “Why is this happening to me?”, “Why do I keep having the same problems?” or “Why am I so frustrated?”. Finding the answers to these questions requires a deep understanding of what makes us tick. 

Team: No great things are achieved in isolation, you need to be able to mobilise the people around you. And to mobilise the people around you, you need to have a deep understanding of how people come and work together. 

Action: The final chapter empowers the learner to tackle large, daunting and innovative challenges through the use of super simple and practical tools. Learners walk away with a deep understanding of how the forces of disorder and order work in an organisational context; what an effective innovation portfolio looks like, and how to build your own; and how to initiate and drive effective action. 

“As a leader, this is honestly the standout
training of any I have done - not
just leadership training.”
— A Beyond Learner

Run over a minimum of three days, Beyond is suitable for existing, emerging or new leaders. Beyond is delivered in a practical, surprising and high-energy style by Roshambo facilitators. 


*We can host your teams in a surprising environment (suggested) or we can come to you


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