The Art of Action


The Art of Action develops more confident Innovators within your organisation

Through the Art of Action experience, teams within organisations build confidence to innovate by working on specific projects. These projects can be critical to the business or can be tackling societies biggest challenges or ideas. Ideas are worked on in a fast, energetic experiment-driven approach.


“Thank you for all of your guidance. At the end of the hackathon we had 8 polished ideas and pitches, we ran experiments, iterated and has a whole new way of tackling problems”

- Nige, QBE


The Art of Action can be run over one or two full days and consists of 4 core themes:

  1. Purpose & Mindset

  2. Action and Rapid prototying

  3. The Iteration

  4. Storytelling*

*Storytelling is a thread throughout the entire experience as participants practice the art of “pitching” their idea 

The energy and thought you brought was incredible! Thanks so much for all your inspiration and support
— Jey, QBE

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