The Guide to Starting Up


The Guide to Starting Up is a five module experience designed to accelerate the process of finding a business idea, developing it and scaling it into a sustainable model.


It is so important that we uplift the communities in which we operate. The purpose of the Guide to Starting up program is to accelerate the process of finding a business idea, developing it and scaling the business into a sustainable model. We believe that embedding a strong entrepreneurial mindset into as many people as possible will not only improve the chances of success but also increase the chances of an individual finding purpose within their careers.


The program is run over 9 weeks (full) or 5 weeks (lite) in a fast paced nature that mirrors the speed needed to succeed in the real world. Over this journey participants will formulate an idea, validate its desirability and feasibility before testing it in the real market, with real customers. After this participants go through the basics of finance, brand, marketing, mindset and pitching.

The desired outcome of The Guide to Starting Up is to embed a strong entrepreneurial mindset regardless of the success of the ideas during the program duration. And we have some pretty epic case studies. Just call Christine and ask for a testimonial. Seriously. Her number is 0437868681.

In the first Guide to Starting up module the facilitators said the program would ‘shake things up’ I was fairly skeptical at the start. 8 weeks later using the concepts introduced I learnt how to work out if my product was feasible, how to identify my market and I had gained the confidence to feel the fear and do it anyway
— Stephanie Payne, Moving Forward Looking Forward

As Used by :


Suitable for:

- Local councils looking to take a cohort of entrepreneurs through the journey.
- Business looking to develop intrepreneurs or support their staff making a career transition.

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This program turned my idea into a reality. I’m now working full time on my business and helping shape the future of assistive-tech
— Ryan Tilley, Gecko Traxx

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